DIY Sewing Kits

Want to add some crafty fun to your event? Or perhaps gather up some friends for an art night? I’ve led craft projects in a TON of different contexts- holiday events, STEM activities, sensory play, tutorials for various publications, I’ve even done several craft segments on local news stations. I would be thrilled to bring a healthy dose of creativity your way! Here are the packages I currently offer:

  • The Planner. If you need help planning a craft project for your event, I’m here for you! I’ll ask you some questions about your event and the children in attendance, then I’ll create a fun project to fit your needs. Some of the factors I’ll consider are design simplicity, time to complete the project, age appropriateness, your theme, and your budget. All you’ll have to do is gather supplies and enjoy some crafty fun. This package includes a custom craft project designed specifically for your event, a detailed supply list, and a printable tutorial with thorough, step-by-step instructions.
    $40 (+ the cost of supplies)
  • The Doer. If you’d like me to plan the craft project AND show up to teach it at your event, this is the package for you! This package includes everything in The Planner package, but I will actually be on hand to set up, teach the craft, and clean up. All you have to do is sit back and relax!
    $80 (+ the cost of supplies)
  • Keep an eye out for more fun craft options, coming your way soon!