If you’re looking for unique, high-quality entertainment for your party or event, a session with Wonderworks is just what you need! I have a degree in elementary education and hundreds of successful storytimes in my repertoire. I can create a fascinating performance to fit any theme and age group! Here’s what to expect:

  • Good Vibes. My performances are all about movement, music, and joy. We’ll begin with a feel-good song to help everyone unwind, and there’s no need to sit still if you feel like dancing.
  • Props. Regardless of the theme or age group, I’ll have plenty of tricks up my sleeve. My collection includes a variety of costumes, puppets, and instruments to make your event extra memorable.
  • Music. If you’ve ever joined a group of people in song, you know what a beautiful and uplifting experience it is! I bring my ukulele to each performance to get those toes tapping.
  • Timing. These family-friendly performances are engaging and fast-paced, which I’ve found to be perfect for young attention spans. You’ll provide a bonding experience and top-notch entertainment for the families at your event, with plenty of time for other activities.
  • Bubbles! By request, I’ll end each performance with a burst of bubbles that will delight your guests! I’ll bring my own bubble machine and fill your space with bubbles for a grand finale that will leave everyone smiling.


  • Musical Storytime
    30 minutes
    Featuring popular stories and songs everyone is sure to love, this custom storytime will be geared toward the age range of your guests. Ideal for birthday parties and small gatherings, this festive storytime includes props, ukulele music, and bubbles (by request). $80
  • Kid-Friendly Concert
    30 minutes
    Need a performance the whole family can groove along to? Expect half an hour of interactive, musical play during this fun sing-along! This mini-concert is designed especially for your event, with live ukulele music, props, and bubbles (by request). $80
  • Large-Scale Performance
    45-60 minutes
    If you need family-friendly entertainment for a big crowd, this performance is powered by an electric ukulele, an amp, and a microphone. This feel-good concert encourages audience participation and is perfect for libraries, schools, and public events. Includes themed props, live ukulele music, and bubbles. $200


  • Go to my calendar to make sure I’m not already booked on the date of your event.
  • Email me at or fill out this contact form. I’ll reply in a jiffy with a quote!

Want an extension activity to go along with your performance? Check out my Face Painting and Craft services for details! Contact me if you’re interested in bundling these together for a discounted rate.

Broken Arrow Outdoor Park Storytime