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Tulsa Face Painting

Face painting is a great way to make each child at your event feel special. Not only do I offer fun designs that are custom-made for your event, but I also take the time to make sure each person who sits at my face painting table feels comfortable and cherished. It’s a magical addition to pretty much ANY gathering!


Face Painting services are $100 for the first hour and $75 for each additional hour (+ a $20 travel charge for jobs outside of Tulsa County).
1 hour~ $100
1.5 hours~ $140
2 hours~ $175
3 hours~ $250
4 hours~ $325

This is what you can expect:

  • High-Quality Materials. All paints and materials are professional, cosmetic-grade, and hypoallergenic.
  • Strict Hygiene Practices. I take many steps to keep my supplies clean, such as rinsing/sanitizing brushes in clean water between each child, using clean water to activate the paints, and using a clean sponge for each child. All supplies are thoroughly washed and sanitized after each event (read this blog post to learn more about my cleaning techniques).
  • Safety Policies. To ensure the safety of all children in attendance, children who are sick and contagious will not be painted. I also do not paint over wounds or broken skin. For insurance purposes, children must be over the age of three in order to participate in face painting.
  • Design Quality + Speed. A variety of tools and techniques are used to create impressive designs in 2-5 minutes each.
  • Customization. Looking to stick to a special theme for your party or event? I’d be happy to work with you to create a custom “menu” of face painting designs to match your theme.
  • Convenience. My face painting setup is festive, quickly assembled, and adjustable to fit the needs of your space. I bring all my own supplies and furnishings, including chairs and clean water. This allows me to come and go with as little disturbance to your event as possible.
  • When you book my face painting services, you are hiring someone who is:
    Professional ★ Insured ★ Vaccinated ★ Background checked ★ Easy to work with.


  1. Go to my calendar to make sure I’m not already booked on the date of your event.
  2. Email me at WonderworksTulsa@gmail.com or fill out this contact form. I’ll reply promptly with a quote!


There are several ways to up the wow-factor at your event by offering face painting:

  1. Book me! My hourly rates will provide face painting at no cost to the families at your party. I’ll prepare designs that are fun AND fast so kids will have plenty of time to enjoy the other activities at your event. 
  2. Give me space! Just the mention of face painting at an event appeals to families. If you’ll give me a rent-free space, I’ll bring a festive setup and charge for face painting. Contact me with more information about your event. 
  3. Charge me! If you’d like to have a Wonderworks face painting booth at your high-volume, kid-friendly event, contact me with the vendor details.

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Festival Face Paint

Outdoor Face Painting Setup

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