Welcome to Wonderworks

Hello! Before I jump right in with all the fun craft projects, music, and kid’s activities I intend to share with you on this blog, I thought I’d give a little introduction. I’m Holly! You can find out more about me here, but the long and short of it is that I made a career creating programming for children of all ages in the Tulsa area and now I’m offering something new.Puppets at storytime for babies and children

After making a name for myself in a public library setting and through various local crafty endeavors, I began to notice a pattern of people asking if they could hire me for their parties and events. My creative workshops and storytimes were very well-received, and on several occasions I was asked to perform storytimes for birthday parties.

At the time, I didn’t have room in my schedule to explore this option. But now that I’m taking some time to stay home with my own beautiful child, I am giving it a whirl! In the time since I quit my day job, I’ve taught myself how to face paint and play the ukulele. I’ve combined all these services to bring you the very best in children’s entertainment!

Ukulele children's music

Really, what it comes down to is that doing storytimes, crafting in a social setting, and working with children are all things that bring joy to my soul. I’m taking a chance to see if anyone is in the market for what I’ve got to offer. So if you’re here, thank you. And if you want to see some of the work I’ve done in the past, head over to my old blog for a little more backstory (and lots of tutorials).

Lastly, in regards to the blog portion of this site, what would YOU like to see? Book recommendations? Craft ideas for kids? Music? Random activities? You tell me! I welcome and appreciate your ideas.


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